A Human Approach for“Creating A Mentally Healthy, Supportive and Resilient Workplace.”  

Work, family, life….. and stress


So much is expected of us these days with family and work obligations that time for self is becoming harder to find and for some of us, even harder to justify.  Nothing stands still or stays the same.

Life is about constant change occurring within us as individuals, our families, work, community life and society as a whole. Life is becoming more hectic, burdensome and sophisticated for some, whilst on another level society is more isolated. Family structures are changing, with extended families no longer being the “norm.” and work taking up a large chunk of our lives, workplaces need to create environments and cultures that nurture understanding of what it is to be human and the challenges that come with our “humanity” and ever changing lives. 

It is often in this context that “stress”, mental health problems, alcohol, drugs, bullying and harassment, arise. 

Workplaces are starting to consider these issues and how we can improve the way we relate to ourselves and one another. Education and learning new ways to manage life’s challenges can go a long way towards building personal and team resilience so as we can all get more out of living, working and supporting those around us.

How does  help you to build a mentally healthy & resilient workplace?


MH@Work partners with your organisation to facilitate your people and busness to work well.

MH@Work  nurtures workplaces from the very beginning of your organisation's journey into health and wellbeing by helping to identify, develop, build and implement specifically tailored long term organisational health and wellbeing strategies that revolve around building personal and team wellness, managing people and your particular organisation’s culture.

MH@Work offers easy to understand education, information and advice on the most prevalent mental health disorders, how these may appear in the work environment and how work environments can be preventative and early interventionist using an optional multi-layered approach.

MH@Work helps workplaces to build and enhance personal and team wellness through resilience strategies and learning skills to manage stress and mental unwellness in the workplace.

All MH@Work programs, materials, facilitators and consultants all share the voice of the lived experience as an underlying philosophy, role modelling the importance of recovery and peer support. All materials also incorporates the latest research and advice from Australia's leading academics, clinicians and service providers.

MH@Work is a uniquely placed conduit to workplaces offering extensive networks, links and access to a wide body of appropriate expertise in the mental health sector, including clinicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, general practitioners, academics and government bodies.

All MH@Work's face to face workshops are highly interactive, built around adult learning principles, and include case studies, role plays and opportunities for self and team reflection in an effort to replace fear with confidence and skills.

Education provided by does not teach people to be able to diagnose or treat any mental health condition. The education provided is purely to help build up awareness, decrease stigma and replace fear with confidence so as to encourage people to reach out and offer appropriate support to those who may appear vulnerable emotionally and psychologically.  


Content for a typical Workplace Mental Health Awareness, Management Skills and Enhancing Resilience program includes:

  • Mental Health : What is mental health, stress, resilience?
  • Overcoming Stigma
  • The lived experience
  • The economic business case: impact on community and workplaces
  • What are the different mental health problems?
  • How can we help from a non-medical perspective?
  • Suicide prevention in the Workplace – challenging old attitudes?
  • How can the workplace help?
  • How to manage these health conditions in the workplace.
  • Boundaries between caring and performance management
  • The importance of work to wellbeing.
  • Returning to Work
  • Building personal and team resilience
  • Where to next?
  • More Helpful resources


Other topics covered in 's health and wellbeing strategies include:

  • Suicide Prevention in the Workplace,
  • Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace,
  • Crisis Management in the Workplace,
  • Schizophrenia & Other Severe Mental Health problems,
  • Bullying, Harrassment and Discrimination,
  • Flexible Workplaces: A Balancing Act with Work and Life,
  • 10 Guiding principles for Resilient and Performing Teams,
  • Men’s Mental Health and Resilience,
  • Mental Health across the Ages;
  • Youth Mental Health,
  • Caring for Carers.

Workshops and seminars can be tailored 2, 3, 4 or full day.

disclaimer: The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for specific independent medical advice, nor is it intended as a self-treatment program. Responsibility for treatment decisions, especially the prescribing of medications, remains with you and with your doctor or therapist.